Writers in Cegeps

Quebec English Language Writers to Visit Quebec Cegeps.


The aims of the programme are to introduce CEGEP students to the wide range of writing now being done in English in Quebec, and to promote language arts skills. It targets public and private CEGEPs, including francophone schools offering courses in Quebec English Literature. Financed by the Ministry of Culture and Communications, it is designed primarily, but not exclusively, for students enrolled in English literature. Events open to the greater CEGEP community are also eligible.

The Union des écrivaines et écrivains québécois, which administers a similar programme in francophone CEGEPs, acts as the interface between CEGEPs and the writers involved, aided by The Quebec Writers’ Federation.

To see the 2015-2016 list of participants, click here. For more details on their specialties, and what they propose for the CEGEP classroom, visit the site.

To present a request to the program, please refer to the guidelines, and download the Application Form. For more information, contact us at (514)-849-8540 or 1-888-849-8540 or email us at ecrivez@uneq.qc.ca.


Application Form Guidelines

1. How to become involved

CEGEPs choose the writers they want from a list of writers prepared for the Quebec Writers’ Federation by a three-person jury of writers and cegep teachers. The complete list is attached and more information about each writer is available from the QWF. Also attached is an application form.

Cegeps may receive at most two visits from writers on the approved list during a given school session. Visits will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. The same writer may be invited twice, or the school may choose different writers. However, each writer will be allocated no more than two visits per academic session, so it is possible that the writer you wish to invite will be unavailable.

A writer who is cegep teacher cannot be invited to give a presentation under the auscpices of this program by a cegep were he or she ordinarily teaches.

At each cegep, those responsible for organizing a visit will contact writers directly to discuss scheduling and the type of activity each writer would lead. The application form with the name of the guest, date and time of meeting and the type of meeting should be sent to UNEQ one month before the visit. UNEQ will confirm the meeting with the CEGEP. UNEQ will not pay a writer an honorarium through this program if program deadlines are not respected or if the request for the visit is made after the visit itself. The people in charge of the activity at the cegep and the guest must agree on the type of activity prior to the visit. Three types of visits are possible :

  • lecture and reading
  • writing workshop
  • seminar

A CEGEP may choose to have a more ‘ public ‘ meeting, or meetings in smaller groups. Each meeting should last approximately 90 minutes.

The cegep should plan activities before and after the visit in order to make the most of the writer’s presence at the school. For instance a book display of the author’s work might be organized to stimulate participation. Student radio and the student newspaper should also be encouraged to announce and promote the visit of the guest. Before visits, UNEQ will send the biography and bibliography of a writer upon request, as well as photographs when available.


2. How much a visit costs

Writers visiting cegeps will receive an honorarium, which varies depending on the type of presentation they offer: $500 per day for lectures and readings, $500 per day for writing workshops and $400 per day for seminar meetings.

Of this, $100 must come from the cegep, to be paid directly to the writer at the time of his or her visit.

Transportation, meals and lodging costs for the writer will be paid by the programme, but it must be assessed at the time the visit is arranged.


3. After the Visit

We will need feed-back about the program: The participating CEGEP will be asked to complete and return to UNEQ an evaluation form immediately following the visit.